• Review, Reflect, Resolve: Winter 2023


    Bagnall: Lutheran Kids in Mission

    • What can you do to support this mission?
    • What impact would supporting a misson like this have on your school’s culture of stewardship?
    • What surprised you most from the information in this article?


    Barlau: Inspired to Teach

    • What keeps you going as an educator in a Lutheran school?
    • What events in your life led you into this ministry/career?
    • What one thing would you say to anyone considering Lutheran education as a vocation?


    Burkart: Teaching Music for Teachers Who Don’t Know Anything about Music

    • What do you find most challenging in “teaching music” if you’re not a music teacher?
    • To whom can you go for advice (or comfort)?
    • How can simply liking music help you to teach a music class?


    ECEnet: Spiritual Nurture in the Lutheran Early Childhood Classroom

    • How will you introduce this initiative to your center’s stakeholders?
    • What adjustments do you think you might make to the modules as described?


    EncourAGEnet: Get Up – Get Dressed – Get Out!

    • Where have you visited? What is your favorite memory of each place?
    • Where would you still like to go?
    • How does travel influence your value of being home?


    LDnet: Changing Our View of Behavior

    • Are you brave enough to tackle some solutions that may be initially met with disappointment — or even hostility?


    LEADnet: The Art of Governance as a Competitive Advantage

    • Is our current governance model a competitive advantage or a hindrance in allowing us to be nimble in proactively adapting our mission and strategy to the changing external and internal environment?
    • Are external forces placing the organization at risk?
    • Has the process of selecting board members become obsolete?
    • Does your board culture stifle necessary conversations about strategy and risk?
    • What key issue or issues does the board and executive director need to proactively address to ensure the future success of the school?


    MIDnet: Debate with an Apologetics Spin: A challenge to all who teach in Lutheran schools

    • At what age do you think it is best to prepare students for debate?
    • What topics might be best for students in a Lutheran middle school or junior high?
    • Do you think debate at this level might be best handled in a class or among several schools?


    SECnet: Stronger Longer

    • What reasons have you heard for why families switch to public schools?
    • What do you value about Lutheran education?
    • In what ways can you encourage families to stay “stronger longer” in Lutheran schools?



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